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All Vehicles should have Square Tires

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  • All Vehicles should have Square Tires

    Tires should be Square - Not Round,
    My Revolution Battleground.
    Distracted Drivers – Stop them Dead,
    Concentrating Straight Ahead.

    Little Bumpy - What's the Fuss,
    Slowing Down - Safe for Us.
    Relax as Bouncing down the Road,
    Car is now in Message Mode.

    Texting, Eating, What they Will,
    Couldn’t do ‘Til sitting Still.
    Tires Start to Become Round,
    Then New Square Ones must be Found.

    Last edited by BobGrantKC; 10-14-2022, 06:27 AM.

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    Tyres squared,
    Wheels by four
    Careless steered
    By burdened hand.
    Burrito, wrap, finger food,
    Mobile phone's discursion
    Spanned. Attention
    Planed in rear
    End slam.


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      The title alone reminds me of one of the Mr. Men (can't mind who though), that actually owned a car with square wheels 😂


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        Thanks. Yesterday, a car came over the center line towards me. They corrected before the Big C - but it looked like they were texting. Thus, my simple Rhyme. I had no idea that there were actual square tires.


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          Originally posted by BobGrantKC View Post
          had no idea that there were actual square tires.
          Just only in fiction, haha 😛


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            Thank you - fiction is my preferred space - guess that I am not that well read.


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              I get the message in your poem I been driving for a living for over forty years thankfully i'm semi retired these days, but i tell you since the moving make up kit and eyes on phone one hand on steering wheel which sometimes give you that finger, maybe give them six months driving with square tires will save some of them, I like your words man


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                Thank you - Welcome to the Forum!!!!! I also thank you for your service to our economy and my ability to keep purchasing Twinkies and such!!!