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  • RhymeLovingWriter
    A fervent plea...beautifully made.

    For all its other issues, the Catholic Church has a beautiful anointing rite...used to be called "last rites" offered by request of a priest whenever physical demise becomes or has potential to become serious. I've had it before surgeries when there are risks and it's is beautiful and comforting.

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  • Bry89
    started a topic Last Rites

    Last Rites

    Father, please save my soul
    Father, please make me believe
    Father, please say these words to me
    Father, please absolve me

    Father, please save my soul
    Father, please set me free
    Father, please give me hope and peace
    Father, don't ever leave me

    Slowly dying on the inside
    Slowly to depart this life
    Father, give me the last rites
    Before I die‚Äč