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    Ignored by many
    And adored by the few
    Try to get our attention
    To again make us trust you
    Techniques that may try
    But in the end they're bound to fail
    And somehow you find success
    But these desperate actions
    Are beyond the pale

    Praised by the blind
    And hated by the crowd
    You dither, you drivel on
    Why can't you just go now?
    You may survive every blip
    And scandal that you're to blame for
    Try to make us respect you again
    Through dirty tactics without clear thought
    You're not worth fighting anymore
    You're not worth it anymore

    Try to win back of what you have lost
    It's already too late, the damage is done
    You can never be what you always wanted to be
    You can never be the one
    The damage is already done
    And the faith is long gone‚Äč

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    How politically appropriate but, at the end of another inept week, incumbents can't be rolled out the door so easily.


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
      Editing a comment
      Not if it's someone by the name of Liz Truss. She'll be shown the door very soon.