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You " Baretta " Believe It Glen Mitton 2022
( to the tune of - theme to Baretta , Jan. 1975 ) words by Moi

Don't be having any thoughts or you're gonna get caught no no , don't even
Don't do anything at all ! , if you can't do the time y'all no no , can't believe it!
Keep in mind it's your behind , don't give them the chance to drop a dime !

Don't be having different views , or you'll be interviewed , no no , shut yo' mouth !
Don't give them an " inch ", or you're gonna get " pinched " no no , " no more slack
Keep your eye on THEIR arrow , they want You " pegged "down to the marrow !

Don't be " Jumbled ' by the " Mumbo " , in these hark infested Bunko's no no , no more chum
Don't forget what was said , and the faces on the heads oh yeah ! , now picture that !
Keep your head on a swivel , these demons are dammed to be evil !

Don't give in to the pressure , that's how you'll be measured , and pray to God for peace !