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Red Danger (The Resurrection)

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  • Red Danger (The Resurrection)

    There will come a time
    Where things must change
    Between the left and right
    This is the moment
    This is the day

    We were extinct
    We were the long forgotten
    Now we rise from the dead
    The fire burning within
    It's time for revenge
    It's time for change
    Between the left and the right
    This is the moment
    This is the day

    When roses are dead
    By the cruel winter chill
    A symbol of love had decayed away
    A democracy killed
    Now it's time for payback
    Time to change once and for all
    Scandals and depravity has paved the way
    For a new life to blossom and cherish
    Between the left and the right
    Forever our enemies shall fall

    Fear us, expect us
    Fear us, stop us if you want
    Fear us, feel the wave
    Fear us, hate us if you will​


    Given that the Labour Party are making a quick resurgance ahead of the next general election, thanks to scandals and other screw-ups from twelve years of a ruthless Tory government us Brits have had to endure for twelve years, and that a 1997-style election landside is also imminent, all these things had inspired me to write this.