heres attempt one hope it dosen't go to hell
i'm not worrying about form or revising
i forgot to rhyme so on the fly i.., umm I wann Yell?
didn't expect something so suppriseing
maybe i could make it an acrostic you like those
why are you rhyming if you don't need format
Do I sh*t i capitalized i mean i guess i chose
this challenge can't think of a word umm rat
I need to salvage this just stop

lost in thought and lost in mind
one of a peace one of a kind
broken action and in word
things i've seen but never heard

for being on the fly i found that impressive
to save money on inssurance switch to progressive
that went in a direction i didn't expect
my brain is quite random i suspect
i've waisted much time and spelt like hell _______ LOST: I used that end
to he fair im russhing *

  1. Once i write a word its there forever
  2. I cant fix spelling or format it has to be in the moment
  3. I cant use the same rhyme end twice


See how far you can go in 20 Min just call it challenge then a word so summerize and just see what happens (Not sure if this should be in the poems section or not tbh)