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  • Heliotrope

    Do you think that God wants to die sometime
    To let us alone in this machine
    Like ants between the glass
    Do you think she would turn out the light
    And climb into a cosmic pine box
    And give her best impression of sleep
    Until we wake up in her place
    A hundred billion voices fighting for space
    Drawing breath through one throat
    Crying for a mother to come home to
    Ah, we all become our parents alright

    (In the silence, I feel movement)
    Watch me burn
    (In your absence, I feel true)
    Know that it still turns

    So what do you think
    Does God seem like a deadbeat father
    One moment, the glory and power unknowable
    The next, a man who couldn't bear the weight
    Of raising the child, couldn't stand his reflection
    In the eyes, our eyes too bright
    Hey, hey, there's a gaslight
    Lamp burning just up ahead
    Can you see it, turn your back to it
    And wonder where all the other lights go

    (In your voice, I know doubt)
    Watch me turn
    (In the darkness, I know you)
    Know that it still burns

    Is there heaven left to find
    Among the stars, among the pine
    Great Giver, why have you taken your time
    An almighty mover, yet we remain behind

    Leave your desires for the heliotrope
    Oh God, what did you know
    When you left us here alone
    Did you intend to let this much time pass
    In case you ever hear this
    I want you to know, without a sliver of hope
    The kids are not alright​