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  • Garbage Day

    Garbage Day today - Just like Every Week.
    As a Man and Mate - My True Worth I Seek.
    Did not Bare the Child - Big Wuss if I Could.
    Had the Joy but Not the Pain - Although feel I Should.

    As I do Collect - Around our Humble Home.
    My Male Ego supports Me - Never am Alone.
    Challenge me - I give My All - and I do Excel,

    Champion of this Task - Humble, so don't Dwell.

    I sure Take a Lot of Pride - with my Trash Collection,
    Invaluable to my Mate - I say in Reflection.
    Bounty to Our Wedded Bliss - this Chore I hold Dear,
    Though I beg a Little Slack - Grasping Straws right Here.

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    An aitch gone awry
    I am to assume
    Unless your
    Beloved, like a
    Dick van Dyke tune,
    Has gone all Cockney
    And become your "Old Dear​​​."
    Since I started cobbling my response, I see you've caught it​​​​​​
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      Nice job Bob.


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        Thank you!