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Mama has Alzheimer’s

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  • Mama has Alzheimer’s

    Mama has Alzheimer’s

    Mama how many pages in a book my tears could fill

    I remember your comforting arms around me through sad nights

    That reassuring smile in your eyes made me feel safe again

    But now I cry because there’s little light left in your eyes

    Mama, I say do you remember me, recognize my voice?

    How was your day, was it nice, did you eat well, what did you do?

    It was ok, yes the food was good, you went to class today

    You start to wane, and start to fade, you need to tie your shoe

    Mama, please don’t forget how much I love you, and always will

    Mama I can’t understand what you’re trying to say to me

    Where did you go, are you still there, I’ll call again later

    I miss our talks in the mornings over a cup of coffee

    By AlexandratheLate

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    My heart goes out to any spouse or child of a loved one facing this. Much love, AtL.


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    98DE405E-6139-49CB-8955-EE2EAE9EF276.jpg Painting I did of my mom


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      this is spectacularly sad my mother suffers from mild dementia for now. every thing in this post really hit home thank you so much for your talent and sharing your painting is phenomenal i write in envy I also have painted my mamma in portrait in shades of blue but yours with words is exquisite. wow! blow her a kiss from me. i wish i could paint like that


      • AlexandratheLate
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        Thank you very much TS and my heart goes out to you too and your mom. I’m sure your painting in blue is beautiful and reflection of your beautiful love for your mom. Hugs to both of you. 🤗🤗🤗

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      Thank you both for sharing. I turn 77 soon and both of these diseases haunt me. I was adopted with no medical history. I have been surprised - along the way - with some genetic conditions and it would have helped if I'd known about them beforehand. I hope our daughter cares for me as much as you two care for your mothers - should I develop either, or both, of these diseases.


      • AlexandratheLate
        AlexandratheLate commented
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        Thank you very much Bob. Life is definitely a journey full of surprises. Reading your poetry and your beautiful sense of humor I’m sure your daughters can’t help but love you very much.

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      As with Bob and of that age, I can't but wonder whether I'll recognise my slide. Your paintings are always beautiful. Any you've posted with your poems have always won praise and this, in solace of pain, is no exception.
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        Thank you very much JT. I appreciate your kind words.


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          Thank you RLW for the like on my painting.