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  • The real world

    The real world

    The things we know but cannot say
    how the real world needs to work
    escapes my lips and comes to life

    reproduction of retards spreads retardation______________________(Note: Not as a slur but those who are mentally retarded)
    even those with depression ruin out generation
    an uproar would arise if anyone said
    lowest percentile should end up dead______________________(Note: I feel the need to explain I don't think they should be)

    we instead subtly suppress there populations
    one step by one so no one questions the nations
    really we should thank them for there intervention
    lives quality for the future is dependent on us
    desirable genes are a clear cut must

    Note: While I personally thing everyone should live I don't see why we allow genes to spread like they do. I mean like if depressed people weren't allowed to have kids genetic depression would be less common. Same thing with say autistic people (no matter how far along the spectrum), I get caring for them and they aren't less than anyone else but I feel like long term we should have healthy genes mixing. It would improve the quality of life for generations on generations (assuming nothing else takes us out). Its not like I dislike anyone for being against my point of view I mean its just from a purely objective standpoint that seems like how its supposed to be. Its like midnight and yea ima shush now