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  • The One For Me

    The lady standing there under a deep blue light
    The lost soul who was searching for another
    The character that can bring a smile to anyone
    Who said that affection cannot be forever?

    The spirit that exists in the minds of the needy
    The light that can only be seen by the chosen few
    What shall I expect if I come to you, my lady?
    Will I be cured and blessed by the power of you?

    The woman created from God's crafty hands
    The image once from my dreams is now reality
    The angel that can guide me through uneven land
    The shining hope that I can finally see

    Bright as the clear silver moon
    Beautiful as the sound of wind
    Through calmest of days
    Gentle and kind, what it must be
    Here to save me whenever I fall or break
    And this how it should
    When we come together
    Hopefully forever
    She's the one for me‚Äč