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  • Love Hurts

    There lied a secret
    That I kept away from you
    I don't know how you'd react
    If I ever told you

    But in this circumstance
    Of this one opportunity
    I tell you my deepest thoughts
    And it makes both hearts bleed

    So I have opened up
    And this is what I get
    Left alone in the darkness
    My ultimate regret

    Maybe I should've kept quiet
    When I know this won't take me anywhere
    My own imprudence
    Has lead to my own despair

    Even if this is farewell
    At least I got something from you
    You were one of a kind
    I felt grateful of knowing someone like you

    Dark moods now invading
    There's no longer the light
    And although we're miles apart now
    You're still on my mind​

    Love hurts, so badly...

    Actually a rewrite from the original I did in October 2019 (which was longer), and it does relate to a good friend of mine I used to know...