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Is now Different?

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  • Johntee
    commented on 's reply
    No talent. Just a lack of originality

  • BobGrantKC
    Thank you - I sure don’t have your talent to reply the way you do - much appreciated!

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  • Johntee
    doesn't learn.
    Well, that's to say
    In the reach for power
    The world of man burns
    Fingers day and daily
    The same lessons
    Earn the
    Same pay
    Death or Glory
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  • BobGrantKC
    started a topic Is now Different?

    Is now Different?

    Haunting Song – Rolling Stones,
    Repressed Thoughts – Make no Bones.
    I was Drafted – Did not Run,
    Hell for Some – Just Begun.

    Love this Tune – Don’t know Why,
    Times I Listen – Want to Cry.
    Was no Hero – Conscious Try,
    But I Served – Did not Die.

    Genius Intro – Called a Riff,
    Interpretations – What’s the Diff?
    Mary Clayton – Searing Voice,
    Brought to Life – I Rejoice.

    Turn Away – Face it Front,
    Like so Many – Was a Grunt.
    Respect Veterans – Those who Served,
    What some Got – Not Deserved!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That was Then - This is Now,
    Have things Changed - Show me How?
    Turmoil then - What'd it Bring,
    Possibly - Not one Damn Thing!!!!

    View the World - Land and Sea,
    Dire Decisions - Some Decree.
    Is now Different? - Guess we'll See,
    Is now Different? - You tell Me!!!!

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