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  • Is now Different?

    Haunting Song – Rolling Stones,
    Repressed Thoughts – Make no Bones.
    I was Drafted – Did not Run,
    Hell for Some – Just Begun.

    Love this Tune – Don’t know Why,
    Times I Listen – Want to Cry.
    Was no Hero – Conscious Try,
    But I Served – Did not Die.

    Genius Intro – Called a Riff,
    Interpretations – What’s the Diff?
    Mary Clayton – Searing Voice,
    Brought to Life – I Rejoice.

    Turn Away – Face it Front,
    Like so Many – Was a Grunt.
    Respect Veterans – Those who Served,
    What some Got – Not Deserved!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That was Then - This is Now,
    Have things Changed - Show me How?
    Turmoil then - What'd it Bring,
    Possibly - Not one Damn Thing!!!!

    View the World - Land and Sea,
    Dire Decisions - Some Decree.
    Is now Different? - Guess we'll See,
    Is now Different? - You tell Me!!!!

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    doesn't learn.
    Well, that's to say
    In the reach for power
    The world of man burns
    Fingers day and daily
    The same lessons
    Earn the
    Same pay
    Death or Glory
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      Thank you - I sure don’t have your talent to reply the way you do - much appreciated!


      • Johntee
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        No talent. Just a lack of originality