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  • Take Me Home

    Find myself lost in this place
    The blood and sweat on my face
    Walking endlessly on broken legs
    Fear and doubt circulate in my head

    Time has fled without me knowing
    The anxiety gradually growing
    Even if I get myself out of here
    The way back isn't all too clear

    From one place to another
    I become dazed, confused, start to suffer
    To remain calm is not an option
    Just rely on my own conscience

    Eventually I get to where I want
    But the light of hope is already gone
    Unfamilar sights, what can I do, where can I go?
    For the love of God, I just want to go home

    Someone take me home
    Someone out there, take me home
    Before it's too late
    Before it's too late

    A way out is close, but it seems so far
    I should've known this right from the start
    All I can do is cry to myself, whilst feeling alone
    Until the angels descend and guide me out from this hell
    And take me home‚Äč

    It's quite similar to this entry of some years ago, but the story behind it (from two weeks ago) is much worse. Let's just say that I got lost in the middle of long grass and nettles and when I finally came out from out, I was in an unfamiliar place and ended up having the police to take me home (when a concerned worker of a neighbourhood centre made the call to them, after I initially dropped down there to ask for directions to the nearest train station).
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    I'm really glad this had a happy ending so that you could write again. Take care, poet friend.