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Enemy (Of Myself)

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  • Enemy (Of Myself)

    See the devil
    (See myself)
    Feel its cold
    (I feel myself)
    It wants me to suffer
    (I'm suffering)
    It wants me dead
    (I want to die)

    Break the mirror
    (Break my soul)
    Kill the reflection
    (Kill a part of me)
    I spite its ugly face
    (I hate myself)
    I can't bear it anymore
    (I want to end this life)

    Every time I look into the mirror
    I see myself with revolt and disgust
    I am my own enemy
    Born out from my own hate and despair
    I want to kill the pain
    I want to kill the monster staring at me
    (I want to kill myself)
    (I want to end this wretched life)‚Äč

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    Dark matter here, Bry89. At the risk of sounding trite (I hope never to do that because pain should not be trivialized), please, find and light a candle. At the least, it will push out the edges of despair, at the most, it might light a path to better days.