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    The Giggle

    In the misty, murky mire of a mangled, marshy mud
    rose a Moon betwixt the shadows ‘neath a starry night above.
    No bird beat wings. No mouse did squeak. Not even an owl’s hoot
    could pierce the stillness clinging to the trees and plants and roots.

    I stomped upon a cigarette. The embers fumed and fizzled.
    As I turned to go back inside, I swore I heard a giggle;
    not large but small, not big but tiny, not huge but very wee,
    behind the house down by the marsh’s solitary tree.

    I stepped on leaves. I sloshed thru grass. I parted a bush with fear
    and beheld a sight, not often seen, uncommonly vivid and rare.
    A tiny stadium filled with bugs, some odd, some known by name
    were giggling, cheering in tiny voices at an Insect Baseball game!

    Miniature floodlights lit the diamond. A roach hit a highball fly.
    A beetle with cap and glove caught it. The audience roared and sighed.
    I couldn’t believe it! My mind was blown! Legs and feet went limp
    as mosquito vendors shouted “Get your hotdogs, burgers and shrimp!”

    Mesmerized, my face went slack. The muscles cramped my jaw.
    A scene like this comes only once to remember forevermore.
    I moved and something snapped or cracked, a limb, a twig, a branch.
    All bugs then turned their eyes on me. Their glare….an avalanche!

    They scattered in an instant, even turned off all the lights
    and plunged the field in darkness making shadows of the night.
    The beating wings, the mouse’s squeak, the owl’s nightly hoot
    then pierced the calm to chase the bugs in hungry, hot pursuit.
    And the tiny voices faded ‘neath a starry night above
    in the misty, murky mire of a mangled marshy mud.


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    Don't know why this delightful lark was held up, but it should be visible for all to enjoy now!


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      It was quite innovative and imaginary and that's the charm of it, For a minute i thought i was going to find a ghost but then it became a fantasy that was unimaginable but quite realistic in it's own way. VidMate App VidMate 2017
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        Alphayash - Mighty glad you stopped by for this unimaginable Giggle and enjoyed it. Namyh


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          This was delightful to read and enjoy.


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            Alexandra - I'm delighted to delight you with this Giggle of there's a mouthful! LOL. So very good to hear from ya and "this Giggle's for you". Namyh
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              RLW - From the author of this "delightful lark" to you, the reader of this delightful lark.....I thank you. Oh Oh! I'm starting to feel visible again. Hallelujah! Namyh