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  • "Football Season"

    Football Season – Resurrected,
    Screams or Sorrow now Detected.
    Whether Fact or Pure Folklore,
    What did People watch Before?

    Snake Head Butting in the Garden,
    Dino Stomping – Beg your Pardon.
    Or Mud Wrestling by the Cave,
    Boulder Dodging for the Brave.

    Then there Is the Old Standby,
    Gladiators fight to Die.
    Next might be the Chariot Race,
    Just for Keeping up the Pace.

    Bumper Boats out on the Nile,
    Crusades notched it Up a Dial.
    All must be Bilateral,
    Like Gunfight – OK Corral.

    Pugilistic – That’s the Key.
    Though a Drawback some Agree,
    Those back Then - Don’t match Today,
    ‘Cause there Was no Play by Play.

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    ​​​​NFL I guess
    You're talking
    Pay-walled then
    You're in your Prime
    Touch down tackled
    On Bezos' dime
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      BG - Creative, well put together and held my attention all the way. That was very poetic and entertaining BobbyG. Namyh
      P.S. - Now where did I put that football helmet of mine for the game on TV in 30 minutes? Somebody get me a beer and a hotdog! LOL


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        Thank you - I did manage to watch some football over the weekend - probably a little too much.