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Grieving for a Loved One

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  • Grieving for a Loved One

    Losing a loved one is never fun,
    feeling lost, in a world without a sun.

    Going to any place, I am constantly reminded of your face.
    Everything I see, makes me wish you were still here with me.

    How I wish I could see your eyes, they made me feel so much love inside.
    I really want to hear your voice, it's really hard to accept I don't have that choice.

    Any wrong you have ever done, I forgive. I just want for you to live.
    It really hurts my heart. I never wanted us to be apart.

    But anytime I don't feel great because this loss has me blinded,
    I start to focus and meditate, and slowly I am reminded.

    You never really went away, you became more a part of me in every way.

    You will live forever in my memory and in my action.
    Always knowing it would bring you satisfaction.

    With me you are always around, even if I cannot hear your sounds.
    Your love will endure, because it was always so pure.

    It is easier to sleep at night, knowing I will never leave your sight.
    I thank you for your life and your lessons, it always felt like a blessin'.

    A life lived without regret, is one your loved ones will never forget.‚Äč

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    It's so true that the ones we love live on in us in a special way. Thanks for the reminder.


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