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    This might be my last post
    This might not be a joke
    I'm not really mad though
    I got what I asked for
    Wish that I could hang some more
    Now I gotta close the door
    It's something I can't ignore
    But I promise I'll be back for sure
    I can't lie
    It's been cool; it's been great
    Shout out to The Second and AlexandratheLate
    DepressingPoem and RhymeLovingWriter for helping me escape
    From these bars
    And everyone who helped me keep the faith
    This is not a suicide letter
    I promise that I've been better
    I'll keep my head up
    Until I reach the end of forever
    I'll get out soon
    and steadily start stacking my plate up with cheddar
    I made it past eighteen
    though a lot of people said that I would never
    Although it's hard in here
    I conquer and overcome
    I'm a soldier; I'm a fighter
    Tell the world to bring it on!
    I'm not like the other kids who died in level one
    Been through a lot of things but my life has just begun!


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    The Kid In A Cell Reading this morning and praying that whatever lies ahead, you won't stop writing. You are a part of the RhymeZone family and have enriched us all with your musings. I know the Zone has changed over the years, as have the contributors - as life phases change us all - but this has been a good place to practice and learn skills while supporting other writers along the way.

    All the best as you go forward, TKIAC. Keep in touch if/when you can.