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  • Replacing Me?

    You were Old and Just gave Out,
    With a Whimper not a Shout.
    Now we’ve Reached that Dreaded Day,
    When they Come Haul you Away.

    When it’s My Time – Just like You,
    Memories come into View.
    Hope with You I do Compare,
    Qualities of you Ensnare.

    Performed great When was Turned On,
    Any time including Dawn.
    I was Company while you Ate,
    Standing There on your Birth Date.

    Entertained when needed It,
    Overall I was a Hit.
    Looking back on Times we Had,
    Loved my Being in your Pad!

    After carried Out and Gone,
    There’s a Question lingers On,
    Wish was There so I could See,
    What it is Replacing Me?

    Observation - Maybe Dour,
    New Ones don't have Staying Power!
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    A faithful servant
    Sent for scrap.
    Now on
    The heap.
    That's the way life
    Is. It's time to despair
    When y
    ou are declared
    Beyond Economic Repair.
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      We're all expendable in some ways, it's said...still this "ode" (if it be so deemed), pays a pretty tribute to a "life well lived".

      I always enjoy your wry wit and cleverly rhymed verses, Bob. You can make a poem out of anything, I'd wager ...


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        Thank you! That TV lasted 22 years - and then only half died. It still had a picture but lost sound. At 76 - we had to sit so close to the TV, to read the Closed Caption, that we could not focus on the picture. Therefore, we had to shop for a new one. During our trek - we asked how long new TV's lasted now days? We would told that 6 years would be about the maximum. What???? This prompted the last two lines in the Rhyme - that along with what we've seen during our 55 years of marriage.