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Let me Fall

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  • Let me Fall

    Let me fall

    hello darkness goodbye light
    tell me what i'll miss tonight
    goodbye vision hello tears
    let me see my deepest fears

    let me fall a thousand years
    doing weed and lost in beers
    let me fall a thousand more
    don't let me crawl back to your door

    drop me down and let me fall
    before we both loose it all


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    It's got a noble sentiment, even if it is - well, sad.


    • DepressingPoem
      DepressingPoem commented
      Editing a comment
      I've had like insain writers block any tips on how to ease it a little?

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    Boy...don't I wish I did...

    The best advice I've had is to keep writing, even if it's a trickle, even if you don't like it or think it's any good (and this one, "Let Me Fall", had good flow and carry). The cure, like with many things, seems to be no quick fix, but you've been posting a long time - so it's clear that you can stay with it. Just keep writing!


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      DP - "Let me fall a thousand years
      doing weed and lost in beers"........that's downright creative and memorable because it indeed triggered a thought
      of someone I knew a long time ago who expressed similar sentiments and lived them. It's fortunate for poets how our poetry often comes with its own set of keys that unlock memories. Thanks DP for turning the lock with yours. Most enjoyed. Namyh
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        Very beautiful!