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  • We've Had Enough

    In God they trust, but easily bent,
    the suits inside the government.
    The lies behind, “Come read my lips”.
    The smile, the wink, the politics.
    Of great orators, by the score,
    to wild applauds for more and more.
    An aura shared, a common goal,
    to live together as a whole.
    To be as one, let none divide,
    amen to that, we shall abide.
    To then retreat to walled estates
    where words can’t penetrate the gates.
    From millionaires to billionaires
    the want for more, how money swears.
    A hungry soul, a beggar’s purse,
    a child of God who died of thirst.
    In homelessness and heroin,
    the rot of life comes creeping in.
    Cry, “falling timber!” Plastic seas
    and pesticides for honeybees.
    Let rivers flow of human waste,
    the air we breathe a black disgrace.
    To burn and slash, is it our bent
    to go the way the dodo went?
    What’s in today, tomorrow’s trash,
    a moment in a photoflash.
    What’s new is old in just a day,
    as if it’s made to throw away.
    As seasons change but people don’t,
    they know they should and yet they won’t.
    The curs of war, the battle cry,
    the innocent to burn and die.
    In tit for tat and tat for tit,
    with blood and guts to pay for it.
    The winners reap the price of oil,
    for little ones that daddies spoil.
    Their private jets and all that glitz,
    “Come save the world,” damn hypocrites.
    The evening airs of gasoline
    with ganja plumes and nicotine.
    The pimps of flesh, child prostitutes,
    with legal eagles in cahoots.
    The Rapist freed to rape again,
    what justice for the victims then.
    Go forth, my son and sin no more,
    she dressed in ways as would a whore.
    Of gruesome deeds, our precious babes,
    no sadder gravestones mark their graves.
    An innocent, a child to rest,
    too early from their mother’s breast.
    A ricochet, a drive-by slug,
    some no-good, trigger-happy thug.
    The nameless trolls, like cowards seek,
    with jealousies and doublespeak.
    To name and shame, debase, deride,
    until the victim’s suicide.
    For all that twitters are not birds
    no nightingale would sing such words.
    Of power, greed and devilry,
    a Trumpian played trilogy.
    Corporate theft, where lies the blame?
    The perfect thief, without a name.
    Of Zuckerberg, Tim Cook and Musk,
    the headlines read from dawn ’till dusk.
    The Father, Son, the Holy Ghost,
    the gods of Forbs, we praise the most.
    The hourglassed Kardashians,
    parading their shenanigans
    When rappers rap to make the charts,
    what gang will break their mothers’ hearts?
    Of envy, fame and all that bling
    was not the dream of Mr King.
    Protect and serve to shock and wreck;
    the cop, the knee, the black man’s neck.
    Sucker punched for being a Jew,
    the Proud Boys got it in for you.
    Containers packed with immigrants,
    in darkness, death and helplessness.
    The Disappeared forever lost,
    whence deserts won and rivers crossed.
    Let’s build a wall and build it high,
    with brick on brick and lie by lie.
    To hide us from the misery,
    see not, know not, don’t blame me.
    Our children slaughtered in their schools,
    what rights have kids to ancient rules?
    But safe they’ll be, the day will come
    when everybody’s got a gun.
    Let’s arm the teachers, arm the child,
    return from whence we left the wild.
    We’ll teach them how to cock the bolt,
    and thank the Lord for Mister Colt.
    Pulpit pounders pounding gays,
    pretenders to the holy ways.
    Love thy neighbour as would thy self,
    a pledge left fading on the shelf.
    Fake preachers preach, it’s understood,
    there’s money in the brotherhood.
    Till cash to ash, to dust you must,
    as bankers like their pennies rust.
    To those of peace who won’t give up,
    I’ll raise a glass, to you, I’ll sup.
    Who speaks the truth, the truth defends,
    I’ll toast again to you, my friends.
    And here’s to you of stronger stuff,
    I hear you shout, “We’ve had enough!”

  • #2
    All this and more
    That forms the trope
    Yet still this world
    Finds room for


    • #3
      Masterful write and captivating rhyme...compelling write Tony Grannell!


      • #4
        Very powerful and a call to wake up before we completely destroy everyone and ourselves.