I wield this power
Without a single sound
I possess the ability
To burn all of you down

I'll strike the matches
And destroy everything
Everything that mattered to you
Blackened, dead, reduced to nothing

I hold this power
Begging to be released
What remains of this world
It only brings the rage in me

I'll spread the flames
Until there is smoke and ash
Even if there's nothing left of all of this
My dark legacy will always last

Everything that I see
I'll burn, burn, burn
Everything that I hate
I'll watch them burn, burn, burn
Nothing can ever stop me
From what I've become
Nothing can get in my way
Until my job here is done

(Burn, burn, burn)
(Burn, burn, burn)
(Burn, burn, die)

My obsession becomes the curse
I have lost all forms of control
I cannot fight this even if I could
It leaves an evil stain to my soul

And if I want, I'll come for you
Try to escape, don't even try
I'll watch your body burn
Your skin opened up
Your insides boiling
And cells disintegrate
And when you're dead
It's dinner served for the flies

Actually based on me having a weed burner recently...