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  • on love in florida

    oh dear friend, what is paradise if you are not here with me?

    i’m sitting on the beach right now and everything i’ve ever wanted is in the palm of my hand.

    my back is burning a sweet red and the ocean is a calming blue.

    i’m thinking of you, friend, and only you.

    i can see your red hair in every hibiscus.

    your tender eyes in every seashell i stare into.

    friend, there is food here. there is shelter.

    there are warm sands and warmer waters,

    and my saccharine sara, there is room for you here.

    my darling friend, i have oranges here for you.

    sliced and sweet, i can offer them without cause or charge.

    i have everything i’ve ever wanted,

    and you are eating from the fruit of my own idle hands.

    there is no better paradise.

    we are alive today, we are honest.

    i want us to eat well, sleep well, laugh well.

    together we could survive here.

    together we could be good.

    what is the world to my own dear friend, well-rested and well-fed?

    here is Eden, here is everything we’ve ever wanted.

    but dear friend, there is no we here.

    sara, i want you here. sara, i’d like you to be here.

    be with me under green trees, and we can call it paradise.