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  • 4% and hold

    Grounds the rise
    ​​​​ And underscores
    Peaks of faded rose.
    Beset by sunrise
    Grand Tetons
    After Two Billion
    Years Over Sees
    ​​​​Jackson Hole's Return
    Financial Orthodoxy

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    Hey, could you please explain this to me ? What is this all about ?

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      Obscure, or what? A poem can be shaped out of anything. This came from a Bloomberg TV report that used the 2 Billion years old Grand Teton range as a photogenic background.The US Federal Reserve at their September meeting in these scenic surroundings of Jackson Hole announced (after many years of virtually zero interest rates) that it would raise rates until it crushed inflation. It is a return to orthodox financial measures and is expected to require somewhere in excess of 4%. Set against that 2 Billion year image, within a fortnight the words had the wood-ants of finance scurrying for shelter. It has brought about a stall for house prices and precipitated a rise in the value of the dollar that is strangling the rest of the world.
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        Poetry is often born of the world that surrounds us - and you have proven that any instant can serve as inspiration. You nailed it on this one Johntee . Thanks for setting the stage for the juxtaposition in this little gem. Without seeing the same report, I too wondered at the referencing.


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          I agree with RLW. You nailed this and what inspiration - well done!!!