This is so easy I'm as giddy as " Linda Ronstadt !

From Behind the Podium Glen Mitton 2022

( to the tune of , Dr. Robert by the Beatles April 17, 1966 ) words by Moi

I heard there's people who want you to meet you, Dr. Fauci , Dr. Birk
Here comes some more from across the street as we speak , Doctors ?
Doctors ! , You both lied from behind the podium !
You took part in a " Sinister Symposium "
There's no other way to say it , you've committed treason

If it didn't work , then why be jerks , Dr. Fauci Dr. Birk ?
That fact alone proves you are the " poster couple for evilness " !
Testimonial " Maternal instinct " lethargy "
The other translates to " False Energy "
These two should be jailed immediately !

Shame shame shame you lied to us all
Well enough know this no lie is too small !

From behind the podium You made a conscience decision
Stand where we stand now and such as yourself goes to prison
The " function " of OUR COURTS remains intact
That ! , is the " present day " fact
It will be nice to know , a " judge's podium " awaits you both !

Well , well , well what do we have here ?
Well , well , well two traitors , up from the rear