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Let's Not Connecticut Our Own Throats

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  • Let's Not Connecticut Our Own Throats

    This poem is in protest of what's going on or which is about to happen to Alex Jones in the Connecticut courts

    Let's Not Connecticut Our Own Throats Glen Mitton 2022

    Hey Conny ! , since you were the fifth state to join the union , take five !
    I'm over here trying to keep the dots connected floundering , trying to survive !

    FYI , there's people out there who'd like to see the U. S. Constitution be used as fish wrap
    So let's use all those " mental " motor skills under those " prestigious mortarboard " skullcaps

    Some of that " clinging " ivy is purposely wrapped to tight and has a little poison ivy mixed in
    And there is plenty of Benedict Arnold's around ready and itching !

    These " Neo "con-artists in their " Marxists Matrix " are on a demonic " deformation "
    They have dimmed the " Torch of Liberty " and tipped the " Scales of Justice " in coordination

    Now , MY " red " pill reveals a " tablet " ! , the one " Lady Liberty " holds in her other hand
    Stamped 1776 , it evokes the law , the U.S. Constitutional Law , the Law of the land !

    So far , I along with " My Captain ! , My Captain ! " have the " Constitution State " at a C+
    We believe what's going on is treachery and a groggy fog from the " Big Tide " is upon US

    So Connie , what will it be today ? , I am a fair and impartial jury of one
    As was Nathan Hale ,Hoorah ! and in his reverence , " My Loyal Patriotism Has Yet Only Begun " !

    The Declaration of Independence , the U. S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights
    The other " Trinity " worthy of all , in it's " Definitive Might "

    " Let's NOT Connecticut our own throats but instead get a couple of buckets of " steamers "
    Let's you and I and the other 49 United States mop the floor with their " injustice demeanor "

    There is nothing " Mystic " when the cradle rocks from the wind on the " bough "
    I just don't want any " kumbaya " moments singing Connie Francis's " Who's sorry Now "
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