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Break My Bones

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  • Break My Bones

    I dare you to hurt me
    With your worst
    Send me crying and begging
    Until I'm broken
    But what you don't know
    That I'm born with a metal soul
    So break my bones if you really must
    But I will rebound from the pain

    I want you to hit me
    With your best shot
    Break me into a million pieces
    Until I'm dead on the ground
    And even if you succeed
    This won't be the last of me
    Break my bones, break my mind if you can dare to
    But I will come back stronger than ever before

    Bones of steel
    Nerves of steel
    Try and break me
    Try and ruin me
    With what you have in mind
    (But I will survive)

    Fracture me
    Destroy me
    Try and end me
    With your depravity
    But no matter how often you try
    I will always survive

    Even if you break a small part of me
    I'm still standing here, laughing at you
    Your fists of hate, your venomous insults
    Can never, ever get the best of me

    Break my bones
    Break my mind
    And in return, I'll break your pride