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    And Eve bore a son, another;
    he, Abel came to be.
    To be butchered by his brother
    in darkest devilry.

    A child to youth to come of age,
    a mother’s love enshrined.
    To fear the other’s angry rage,
    in jealousies defined.

    Between the two, Eve worn in blood,
    in giving birth, in death.
    Found she again in motherhood
    when heaven gifted, Seth.

    The seeds of Seth to Noah’s birth
    and we of Noah’s heirs.
    From flood to flame to rule the earth
    with power, greed and wars.

    We nourished from the book of faith
    since Adam founded Eve.
    The Lord above we venerate
    in all that we believe.

    So why in war, we glorified,
    for riches, we have bled.
    Are we as Cain, identified,
    in piling up the dead?

    Why men in ranks, ten thousand more
    came gathered in the mud.
    When nothing left but rancid gore
    where once ten thousand stood.

    Yet we must grieve the soldier’s tomb,
    leave not the dead unknown.
    Let flowers made of plastic bloom
    in gardens built of stone.

    But let us not find reasons here
    to justify the flames.
    Let not the mark of Cain destroy
    what good in us remains.

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    A lamentable mess we've made of things on many fronts - and still you point to the positive - I appreciate that mightily.


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      The way of the world doesn't change
      Only who will build the victors pyre
      And who will feed the flames


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          History repeating itself to our own detriment - we need to stop this terrible cycle. Well done poet.