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  • Denial

    There was no destruction
    There wasn't a tragedy
    It's all a dirty cover-up
    It's a conspiracy

    There wasn't a crisis
    There's no smoke, no fire
    It's all a fabrication
    From a government of liars

    I'm just an angry man
    Who thinks he's always right
    Secretly I live in denial

    There was no act of violence
    No great despair, no body count
    Just a plot to make us all feel scared
    The truth will never be found

    I'm just an angry fat man
    Who thinks he's always right
    I am the great American conspiracy
    But secretly I live in denial

    I pretended that it was all a fake
    Until I'm confronted by the truth
    Of the deaths of the many that were lost
    I'm sorry if I've traumatised you...

    A big reference to the conceited moron named Alex Jones, who his claim that the Sandy Hook shooting of ten years ago was a hoax had now come back to haunt him, and having to admit that it was "100% real" when confronted by the parents of one of his victims. Boy, didn't he feel like a right idiot in that trial...

    The entry also contains references to the Oklahoma bombing and 9/11, two other tragedies that he had dismissed as cover-ups.