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An Offer to the Bugs in our Home

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  • An Offer to the Bugs in our Home

    Hope I don't make - My Manhood too Weak,
    But I do the Vacuuming - many Times every Week.
    Rid our Home Range of Dog Hair and Dirt,
    Points Scored with my Wife – it Really can’t Hurt.

    Like Houses of Many - can’t Keep out the Bugs,
    Despite all the Poisons and Plenty of Drugs.
    Too many to Beat – Let’s join and Begin,
    Combine our Resources – Dirt Battle we’ll Win.

    If they Share our Home - to Eat and to Sleep,
    They Surely could Vacuum - to Pay for their Keep.
    Training them All - might Not be as Tough,
    As Locating Vacuum's - that Are small Enough.

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    its a bugs life


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      A university of life
      The vacuum that would fix
      Is the vacuum of space


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        LOL! I'll tell you what, Bob...if you figure out how to train your bugs to vacuum and find the machine to equip them, you'll have it made...and likely make a fortune sharing your methods!

        I've seen some amazing miniatures...but never a bug vacuum!


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          Once I find at least one vacuum - the bugs will surely be fighting over it to use it first.


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            As much as we love our homes, we can't deny the presence of bugs and insects that often share our space. Whether it's the occasional spider in the corner or a trail of ants in the kitchen, these tiny creatures have a way of making themselves known. But have you ever stopped to think about what they might be thinking? What if we could communicate with them and dyson v6 tool kit offer them something in return for cohabiting peacefully? In this blog, we'll explore the idea of extending an offer to the bugs in our home and see where this unique perspective takes us.​