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  • Tombstone

    Your spirit lies underneath
    The ground that you slithered on
    Your name engraved onto stone
    A character of so many wrongs
    And your legacy tries to live on
    Despite the fact that you were hated
    Your death may be a shame
    To the unseen minority
    But your sorry grave brings shame to those that you've hurt
    And the pain that you had caused and created

    You don't deserve sweet recognition
    You deserve to burn and rot in hell
    For all the pain that we had felt
    (We never had to live like this)
    How I wish to come into the night
    And crush and violate your sorry grave
    Despoil and eradicate your spiteful name
    (I never had to do something like this)
    (But this what you get anyway)

    This is what you deserve
    For all that you did to us
    And me

    Your life was a fake
    Your death was a joy
    Your life was a fake
    Your death was a joy

    Your precious tombstone, a harsh reminder of our pain
    Crushed, beaten, violated
    Your dark legacy destroyed

    Usually, the worst kind of people are buried in an unmarked grave, but what if that's not the case for some despicable people out there? (like a petty criminal that constantly terrorises a neighbourhood or something)

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    Likely no flowers left on this marker...sounds like days of the wild, Wild West to me.


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      Ok nice