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Ghosts Of Conflict

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  • Ghosts Of Conflict

    A barren landscape
    Where nothing exists
    Though we're still reminded
    Of times of conflict

    Dead souls once alive
    Of the people we all loved
    Now their screams ring in our heads
    The darkness has only begun

    A city of modern dreams
    Lies in rubble and the soil
    The shadows of a memory
    We can only live in turmoil

    Everyone that we knew
    Only wanted to live their lives
    Everyone that became a part of us
    Never deserved to die

    A thousand souls
    Leave behind a million tears
    We can only remember
    We can only grieve

    Every living soul
    Shall not be forgotten in vain
    Now we look down
    To the broken ground
    With little hope, only disdain

    The soldiers, the victims
    Each were just like us
    When only evil prevails
    There's no such thing as trust

    Why should there be war
    When we could all live in peace?
    As many of us die one by one
    If we defy or attempt to fight
    Life in a cold, cruel regime

    Dedicated to the victims of all wars of history, from the cruel Bosnian War, to the brutality of the Rwandan genocide, to the unnecessary assault in Ukraine.