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  • Raging Sea

    Came on to me a raging sea
    in the maelstroms of anger.
    Her blustery coils bedamn the spoils
    and keep the boats at anchor.
    Her waves a fright of ruthless might,
    what goads this seething rancour?
    This cursed land on where I stand,
    what gods, pray tell, command her?

    No fiercer storm, I’ve ever worn,
    bedeviling my bearings.
    My ancient stance in a moment’s chance
    near robbed me of my earnings.
    But held my ground, leaned fore to sound
    my worries to their warnings.
    I fought the cries of scathing skies
    colliding with my yearnings.

    That dreaded gale when seas prevail,
    the deluge of damnation.
    I paused in awe at what I saw,
    the ocean’s congregation.
    The charging ranks in thundering angst,
    engulfed my hesitation.
    To then recede, exposed my breed,
    beheld my reputation.

    It's cold to feel when truths reveal
    the sins of all my dealings.
    When shameful truths with guilt cahoots
    and flouts a sinner’s pleadings.
    To bear the brash where I now clash
    with the innards of my feelings.
    To lick the salts from my own faults
    and taste the devil’s greetings.

    What findings borne of sea and storm
    will punish with good reason.
    No quarter spared, no charges shared,
    for mercy has no season.
    To bear the guilt of lies and filth,
    a life of spouting poison.
    What’s done is done, what I’ve become,
    a man with no horizon.

    My crimes behold, the vows I sold
    when faith and soul were fighting.
    The tempest howls from fierce her bowels
    with pikes of raging lighting.
    From far-flung lands to beaten sands
    her chisels pound in writing.
    I heard the poem, I’ve never known,
    the ocean’s wrath reciting.

    My naked flaws in brutal claws
    I prayed for calm to hold me.
    From fathoms deep my secrets weep
    the frozen spheres to scold me.
    The honest calls in wailing squalls
    who is it that controls me?
    And lapsing to, to watch undo
    the only one to know me.

    Succumbed to thee my sacred sea;
    forgive me with your being.
    Oh, ease your rage at my new age
    with hope in now believing.
    Sought no reprieve or to deceive
    whatever I was seeking.
    The blessed words of ocean birds
    as if it’s me who’s speaking.

    The oceans pose a heavy prose
    from the depths of her dark author.
    The son to birth, his sward of earth
    will find his coast thereafter.
    My sins when known, I tramped to home
    to penance from disaster.
    Forgiveness sought, I know, I ought,
    the me that I must master.

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    Really like this one t


    • Tony Grannell
      Tony Grannell commented
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      I'm delighted you do. Thank you very much, my friend.

      Take care now,

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    The storyteller's back,
    In full and vivid flow.
    I could only wish
    I could sustain
    Such a tale
    Tested by the Sea
    Revelations Bewailed


    • Tony Grannell
      Tony Grannell commented
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      Thank you very much John - a tough one to conquer.

      All the best,

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    I am a fan of your poetry Tony. Your stories told through verse are a joy to read. Thank you.


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      I like it!


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        Epic...amazing...gripping...all adjectives that rise with the motion of this oceanic journeying! Loved reading and rereading this one, Tony! Thank you!