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  • Agony

    The sky, set ablaze
    So is my head
    The sunshine, so toxic
    Soon I'll be dead

    Chemical spell
    It's getting to me fast
    Slowly melting
    Sweltering, coming apart
    How long should this pain last?

    I feel myself peel
    Exposing these sores
    I feel my insides churn
    Can't take no more

    For a saviour to call
    Slowly melting
    To nothingness, dissolve away
    Save my life before I break and fall

    Save me
    From this agony
    Save me
    From this misery
    Shelter me
    From this insanity
    Release me
    From this agony

    Gasping for air
    Every time I talk
    The smiling reaper
    I can feel the shadows stalk

    Request salvation
    If someone had the heart
    Slowly melting
    Evaporate to nothing
    Please, I beg you
    Save my life before I shatter apart

    Please, now
    Please, now
    Save me
    Save me from this agony
    Right now

    Originally written in May 2017, but would be more relevant because climate change... and that there's another heatwave coming round.

  • #2
    This reads like, the end of days, the untold sufferings brought on by the stupidity of man. A cry, well versed and worryingly, too true.
    Kind regards,