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Transmission Transition

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  • Transmission Transition

    Transmission Transition

    Zero to the end
    A slender sliver of time
    Gender in a blender
    Who says it’s a crime?

    Birth to the stars
    Gears of dimension
    Traveling in cars
    Roads of contention

    Heads of confusion
    Decisions to make
    I’m changing my life
    With the pills that I take

    Shifting the moments
    Like winds blowing sands
    The power of choice
    Right here in my hands

    No one can stop me
    I’m traveling to fast
    When I come off the rails
    It sure was a blast

    Now that you see me
    The way that I am
    What difference does it make?
    If woman or man

    Take it or leave it
    What’s done will be done
    You can be the last bummer
    I will be the first fun

    the second

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    The ever-changing world and its people - what was yesterday may not be tomorrow. A most enjoyable pome, timely and very well composed. Well done, my friend.
    Kind regards, Tony.