Rapid vapid dense loss
Coming binding lying cost
As dankula the judge gets lost
Inside the supreme court's daughter

Abraham giggles as he marks a list
Embroidered by Monroe's Montgomery kiss
As she shoves ten guineas of gold in their fists
Before the 12th Apostles caught her

Manny with his face full of blood
Chokes and coughs his septum sunk in mud
Laughs like the devil and chases a club
With his spade-backhand style

Well a Norwegian soccer-ball plants his snow-white mug
Leaves him without his silver and favorite beatle-bug
Squashes the septic children and kills the prescription-drug
As he runs half the green-mile

We gathered round with Robin McWilliamTell
He invited us with Smoothie King & Taco Bell
Then tells us exactly how Baroque it is in hell
And asks us each for a poem

Well none of us feel quite right, as we are
We don't like hanging out, with those desperate beneath bars
And we struggle wholeheartly, to repulse the unnamed streetcar
And we each tell him, "no man"

So Guzman the baked Garbanzobean holds his King of Sticks
At Mystery Mimosa, the professor of Burnt licks
Asking her softly, if she likes a big flick
At the very center, of her, fore-head

Bloody hell the PC is here stop
I didn't ask for a refund Cop
I'm with Ian and a Kennedy flop
So deliver more lead

Porpoise peasant pheAsent throWs
A spEcial Spectale spanish bOw
Thru soMe low-brusiEd hot-halo
To the Blue Roosters and the Cubans

Isope melodies collectively dies
To haunting flaunting daunting cries
Just jesters & jewels justified jagged tries
To pay off the mother for her Reuben

Geometric jobless closest class
Pays off pop for bopping too fast
Hurts Hurtado the heartless hat half-calf
To avoid parking tickets and his fellas

Well Deville Duval hunts some ragged cajun
Whose hollow has hatched a harmonica harpoon
And sticks a brick tick to kick the smiling moon
For being too damn happy and jealous

Veal viciously victors over vital-vamps
Whose gay great grand grunkles kill-craps
By bellowing a bunch of boucherie black-japs
To push morals and pull cheap sins

Nick the Nickel nails a knew news truce
With the willow widow whose wounded beaus
Trap a tap-hat tacks troubled tombstone use
To find grasshoppers and eat hymns

Portable Cuban-girls chubby look the same
Control mercury halos melting maliciously in drains
As don quixote sees Giants as plain-plains
For full-measure quarter coffin-cream pints

Gusts of sunlight breeze master's god
H.O. Anarchs devastate tripped bound aBc squads
As Felicia finds a last resort-inn vogue awed
Eating bored creampuffs and dream fints...


I refuse explanation.