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  • Let Me Go

    Ringing into your ears
    I can taste your tears

    I may be alive to you
    But there's nothing to see now
    Kept alive purely by machine
    Give me some rest now
    Just let me go

    The pain
    Pulsating between us
    The despair
    A future lies in dust

    I may be alive to you
    But I'm already dead
    Never feel a thing, never to wake up
    Get it all in your head
    Just let me go

    Just let me go
    There's no point in living
    When there is nothing
    Between us anymore
    Just let me drift away
    Into where I can find peace
    Away from this harsh reality
    Even though you want to be closer
    Even though you love me

    Let me go
    Let me go
    Just let me go
    Let me go
    Let me go
    Switch off the machine
    Grant me release

    Written in response to the situation about Archie Battersbee, a British young boy who had been on life support following a horrific injury and to never regain consciousness. Despite his parents' plea to keep him alive, his treatment will end tomorrow by a high court ruling.

    It's a terrible ordeal, but you really cannot keep someone living like that when it's evident that they can never wake up again, even after four months. Best to switch off his life support and allow him to depart this world than be kept "alive" by machinery all his life. That isn't a qualify of life, and his parents need to accept it.

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    Very sad that this family is suffering. You portrayed his side quite well.