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  • Downfall

    King of dominion
    You thought you were tough
    You thought you were the one
    Now, you've fallen down

    King of dominion
    Lied and abused
    To get his own way
    Now, you've fallen down

    Fallen down so deep
    Don't try to resurface

    Leader of the blind
    You made us believe
    You made us think recklessly
    That you were the one

    Leader of his own pride
    Took our lives and sacrifices
    As if they didn't matter
    Now comes the consequence
    You have fallen down

    Fallen down so deep
    Don't try to resurface
    Even if you must
    But for what?

    We had believed in you
    We believed that you were a god
    Now the truth starts to bleed
    From the cracks over your smiling face

    You had everything
    Now you have nothing
    Except your arrogance and greed
    We have taken you down

    You have fallen down so deep
    Don't ever try to resurface, again
    Even if you must
    To try and carry on
    When there's nothing now
    So stay down in the hell you're in now
    Accept your downfall
    Don't ever show your face again

    It's been three weeks since UK "Prime Minister" Boris Johnson offered his resignation, following a govermental crisis. This was a great moment for the country, after three years of sleaze, corruption, cronyism and taking us public for fools, especially regarding Partygate (which I wrote about a while ago).

    As much as I'm glad he's met his end, it should've happened sooner.

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    In the Kingdom of the Blind the One-eyed man is King.