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  • Too much

    Too much

    My god is gone
    Left me on this broken road
    Wandering back and forth
    Between right and wrong
    I now ask why
    We could never see eye to eye
    But if you leave me now
    One of us will surely die
    Carry off what I owe you
    Carry off what you need
    Carry off but I warn you
    Cary too much and you’ll bleed
    I was once a tower
    I was once a power
    I was once part of a star
    I was once part of this magnificent world
    I was once part of a tear in your eye
    I once bathed in tears from the sky
    I’m not here to serve you
    I’m not here as a friend
    I’m not here to prove myself
    I’m not here to defend

    The second

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    Very powerful poem


    • The second
      The second commented
      Editing a comment
      my cell brother this is a song I thank you for the response !!!