Unknown Enemy A ( c ) Glen Mitton 2022

Yo ! Yo ! all traitors out there get ready to make a fist
You just tagged yourselves on the " Most Wanted List "
Your house of " cards " was " housed " with " charlatans "
A bunch of " bobbing " bozo's , caught up in the whirlwind
Nefarious evil doers that siphoned off the Health and TRUST
Willing to throw anyone or anything under the bus
Word is you'll be giving up some " trace elements " of your own
All is well in Kansas turns out ! , You Do reap what you sow
I pray this closes some weird Neo- Narcissistic circle
That the " Unknown Enemy ", is no longer a hurdle
The charge will be treason , and we will get use to the fact
That many of these people wont be coming back
Their mindless " mind set " is plain and simple
They have no courage and have no principles
This heinous horde of hedonistic heathens
Will only be defeated by US Not Giving Up or Leaving
" Mental Metamorphosis " from their " Concocted Cocoon "
We are all now Stronger and ready to resume
This is the United States Constitution Law in the classical sense
This is a proactive govern on the " Seditious Pretense "
That symbol of the “ snake eating itself “ comes to mind
An " ancient " futuristic forewarning road sign
You backed the wrong flag and will be handed some adjudication
And no defense will come from your self -induced regurgitation
The snakes in the grass , are only as good as their scales , nix that , shields !
And as it has always been , it comes down to tending the fields
The fist thing ? , just a courteous heads up for all of you crooks
It helps it when they take YOUR DNA ! while YOUR being booked !