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    Could I only pour the ocean into the flask
    And knock it back
    Humming a song, the lyrics I don't know
    But there's the tune coming through
    Crash over me, cut the slack
    I'll drift out but not away
    Give myself to everything
    If you'll heave me in when I've found
    That great nothing I've been searching for
    At the bottom of all these bottles
    Oh, what is it I'm searching for
    Absolution amongst the reedy people, the traffic, the insufferable masses
    What is there to behold except indifference to the steady decline
    Will this mark me
    Leave me scarred, unable to stand
    Sink in the salt and sweat
    Toil against the tide
    Does labor equate with progress
    Can I salvage some meaning from suffering
    Is all in vain
    I'm not yet sure
    I'm not yet sure
    but hey at least there's the tune

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    A melody of life's...questioning...carries a definite "flow" with the nautical word choices. Nice.


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      I really liked how you asked life’s questions. Very well done poet.