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  • I Could've

    I am an apparition
    Of something lost
    A lonely shadow
    (I could've found love)

    I am a nobody
    Friendless forever
    Can't even speak for myself
    (I could've been someone like you)

    I am a hollow shell
    Devoid of anything
    Only hate contained
    (I could've found hope)

    I am a mistake
    And a walking travesty
    But it wasn't supposed to be
    (I could've been like everybody else)

    I could've had what everyone takes for granted
    But even if I did, would I have aimed higher?
    I could've had a life, and a girl of my dreams
    I could've been someone, that I'd never thought I'd see
    But at the same time
    I would've sunk myself much lower
    (To someone I want to despise)

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    Nice capture of the eternal truth that choices have consequences.