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  • We Burn

    With every passing season
    We're gripped by anxiety
    Not knowing what can happen
    Though it's here already

    We were ignorant to think
    That fiction would never come true
    But now things are flaring up
    Under the suffocating blue

    Oceans are drying up
    Houses and forests on fire
    All life on this planet snuffed away
    It's God's sickest desire

    Who are we to kid ourselves
    To believe that it's all natural?
    For what life has become now
    We are the culpable

    We stand on our own two feet
    We sink below down on our knees
    We try to pray to reverse this curse
    We burn, and we struggle to breathe

    With every passing year
    There'll be pain, there will be deaths
    Tune in to the news and see our own destruction
    Though it's hard to believe
    It's the harsh reality we now have to accept

    Another climate change-based entry from me (after this one), but really in reference to the extreme heatwaves the world's been dealing with, especially here in the UK.

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    Sun smolders while the bodies bake...been a struggle to keep plants going in our neck of the woods too. Soon we'll be in the annual "hottest" month of summer...then it, too, shall pass.


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      And it will happen again, and again, and again... until there's nothing left. And we are to blame for it.