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  • The Moth

    You flutter like a butterfly
    But you crawl like a cockroach
    And when I desire to take your life
    You leave your mark

    You invade my space
    Without reason or direction
    Each time I want to hold you, kill you
    Forever you taint my soul

    Actually based on me killing these buggers that appear in my room for no reason, and them leaving a stain on the wall whenever I hit them with my bare hands.

    Before I wrote this, SIX of them were in my room this morning...

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    I can relate. Now that we've been on the farm a few years I'm beginning to color the seasons by the bugs as they appear...moths were heavy months ago, now it's grasshoppers where I am. Not so many "June bugs" (small brown beetles that buzz around light fixtures - typically in June) this year, and so far mosquitos have only been mornings and evenings (because we have little standing water due to lack of rain and few calm days). I sympathize with you!