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  • Iminicide

    My enemy
    How I wish to find you
    And make you cry

    My enemy
    For all the shit you've put me through
    This is the day you will die

    My enemy
    How I wish to break your bones
    And watch you bleed

    My enemy
    This is payback, retribution
    I bet you never expected this from me

    This feeling has been with me
    For as long as memory serves me
    I've bottled up, now it's time to act
    Hellbent on a cure for this insanity

    My enemy
    I have no regrets
    I can't feel for you

    My enemy
    Apologise, at your final breath
    Sweet punishment, the best for you

    In relation to the times in school where I wanted to harm any of my bullies.

    For a bit of context regarding the title, part of it is from "iminicus", the Latin word for "enemy" and the common "-cide" suffix.

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    How useful to express pain and contempt through verse, instead of resorting to fisticuffs and bloodshed. Emotions which bullying cause radiate strongly in this piece. Bravo, poet.