Clean smile, dirty face
Moving around
In amongst us
Get close to everyone
Converse your words
Like it's all the usual
Although it's not a normal day

Look to me
But did you look at yourself
Before you came out?
I see an obvious mark
And it foretells a disaster
You may think you're still human
Like in any other day
But in this sudden twist of reality
You are a walking disease

You then admit
That there's something wrong
But why waste your time
When you could've just stayed home?
My anxiety grows
And so does the mark on your face
Don't get close to us
Don't kill your greatest lover
Take the time to realise the risk
You'd put us all in
So crawl back into your hole
Stay in quarantine

You may still be someone
But you've become
Something else
You may still be my friend
But you've become
Something that I despise

Even if you are free from the sickness
Let that be a lesson to you
Even if you are free from the disease
My perception of you has changed

I won't forgive someone that ends up hurting
Even if it's you
I won't forgive someone that ends up killing
Even if it's you

Based on a school experience where someone I know had cut about the school despite having impetigo (and would've put me and many others at risk, yet she kept apart from her boyfriend at the time). That would be like me cutting about normally despite having chickenpox (to which thankfully was averted, as I was sent immediately back home when it was soon discovered one day at primary school).