The situation
The two of us
As we hopelessly fight
Over our bitter differences
To hell with all of this
And your trust

Things now get worse
Before they get better
As we get to each others throats
Only because you fucked up
A thin apology after all of this
I am your great doubter

Fan the flames
No real solution

Bicker and quarrel
Destroy our bonds
Fall out
Drop out
I'm on my way out
(From your life)

Try to bring me back
To what caused me to run
You have the cheek to convince me
To suggest that you have changed
Since this bitter fallout
I won't accept your new friendship
I'm already done
(With you)

Based on my experience with one lecturer I had at college, where I also bore a grudge against him. Even though this happened in 2013, it's still fresh on my mind.