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    If books exist, is there talk after christmas?
    Why do dream exist, if there is no joy after dream?
    After christmas what we speak, who does read them,
    if there is no answer then read for me all of them.

    Long time I haven't feel the carm, doesn't you feel that harm?
    Let me feel alive, whose is that rhyme?
    We have not questioned who does archive all the book papers,
    who posess all the might, let me feel the charm.

    If there is no pain after magic, how you feel about tragic?
    there is no evil during eve as if by magic,
    there is only music whose rythm hits the hearth,
    power to feel alive, and to feel all the might.

    There is no choice after battle, as there is no sun after gray sky,
    magic exists in the hearth of those who identify's morning freshness,
    word is magic, as much as sentencec if those who part are correct ones,
    there is no evil as rythm gives the bass, give it a try.